A cryptocurrency wallet is a kind of “bridge” that allows us to efficiently manage our cryptocurrencies, it is a fundamental tool with which different financial operations can be carried out, either receiving or sending cryptocurrencies through the Blockchain network that it owns. each cryptocurrency. It is a wallet in which there is a “data collection” of addresses and passwords that are used to unlock funds. Here we share some advantages of using a cryptocurrency wallet service:

Greater security

A wallet service is responsible for protecting the assets of its users and securing their assets using military grade security. They have different tools and protocols for this purpose, among the best known are: a daily study of possible threats that exist on the network, anti-hacking engines based on AI, cryptographic protocols, 24/7 monitoring, facial recognition systems, etc.


The prestigious wallet services have permits and high-quality standards, for example, the Mercury Cash wallet service has permits from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit and is also authorized to carry out the transmission of money by the Office of Financial Regulation of the State of Florida in the United States

Be pioneers and greater flexibility for our clients

There are still many businesses in different countries and cities that do not accept payments in cryptocurrencies, so being the first to accept payments, can make an important difference in our business area, it is also a good way to offer other payment alternatives for our clients, which generates comfort, credibility and trust to them.

“Free” advertising for our business

Accepting payments in crypto-currencies is a way to make yourself known in certain niches and business areas. For example, there are some websites, that aim to offer “lists” of companies and businesses that accept payments in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, which is very useful since crypto-currency users are always looking for new establishments or companies that accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Cheaper transactions and fees

The advantage of accepting payments in cryptocurrencies and using a wallet service is that there is no need to install e-commerce programs or systems or have to acquire complex technological equipment. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have small costs per transaction since they have no intermediaries and are backed by blockchain technology, compared to other traditional means such as credit cards, international bank transfers and other electronic payment management services, which they are controlled by banks, companies and other intermediaries, which makes their commissions higher.

What do you think about this topic? What other advantage of a wallet service could you mention?

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