Currently, we see that the use of cryptocurrencies is increasing (especially the most recognized such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash among others) that is due in large part to the great acceptance that they have had worldwide as a medium exchange and as a way to safeguard assets. Currently, there are several initiatives at a global level that promote its use, in this article, we will talk about an initiative in Germany to spread the use of cryptocurrencies.

What is this German initiative about?

It is about a German group that has decided to give prizes with Satoshis; which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, to those people who carry out urban artistic manifestations, who promote the use of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin. And it is that despite the growing use of digital currencies by private investors and also by large businesses that have decided to diversify their portfolio, cryptocurrency specialists still observe a great lack of knowledge in the use of digital money in the community in general. This is why in these days, a European project that tries to encourage and create awareness in people about the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in the emerging market became popular, making use of urban artistic interventions (on the road pubic).

The Bitcoin Awareness Game

This initiative is called “The Bitcóin Awareness Game”, this idea comes from the German group Ideas Are Likes Flames (ideas are like flames), which tries to encourage greater use of digital money either in the retail market or as an alternative investment. It consists of a reward mechanism for urban activities in reference to Bitcoin. Participants are awarded Satoshis once they have submitted their work to the organization. A sample of these works is evaluated by experts who mention that “When these misconceptions arise, there is no Bitcoin spokesperson to refute them, there are only knowledgeable Bitcoiners to make things clear.” The initiative was born in June 2020, in addition to inviting to make murals, posters, stickers along with graffiti, they share educational phrases of the cryptocurrency system. The group also created a Twitter account to share the creations it receives, and it already has around 4,000 followers.

The German group explains that they allocate 66 dollars in rewards for participating, each urban intervention is awarded 615 Satoshis. However, as The Bitcoin Awareness Game becomes more and more popular, both in Germany, the United States, Romania and New Zealand, the budget allocated for reward has been increasing and has reached more than one and a half million Satoshis.

What do you think about this topic? Is it okay to reward urban art with Satoshis to promote the use of cryptocurrencies?

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Image by padrinan via under creative commons license.

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