Currently, Bitcoin is the most popular and highest-value cryptocurrency in the market, which is why it is very important when buying Bitcoins, to have a safe and reliable place where we can store them or make transactions, that is, we need to have a wallet or digital purse for Bitcoin that we can trust.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

On other occasions, we have talked about what a wallet is, its differences with cryptocurrency exchanges, and also the main characteristics that we must take into account when choosing one. A Bitcoin Wallet is a digital wallet that is used specifically to operate with Bitcoin, we can say that it is the place where Bitcoin is “kept”, it works as a kind of “bank account” since it contains numbers/characters that fulfill the function of a «unique identifier», from which you can make transfers with Bitcoins or simply receive them. Next, we will share some advantages of having a Bitcoin Wallet in Mercury Cash:

Bitcoin addresses

Mercury Cash gives access to SegWit or Legacy Bitcoin addresses, allowing the creation of up to 10 Bitcoin addresses, which allows its users to have more privacy and manage their payments in a more personalized way, they can check balances, see the operations before carried out and carry out operations with the cryptocurrency.

Military grade security

Mercury Cash has military-grade security, as it constantly studies and investigates all types of threats, applying constant improvements to its platform in terms of security such as protection against brute force attacks, malicious exploits and introduction of intrusive codes, use of “Anti-hacking” engines based on artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition systems, all this to protect users from external threats.

Other cryptocurrencies and FIAT money

In Mercury Cash in addition to having the ability to store, receive and send bitcoins, we can also have access to other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Dash, in addition to having the ability to send and receive FIAT money in dollars and euros, which provides greater versatility and alternatives to its users.

Trained staff and 24/7 support

Mercury Cash has a team of highly qualified professionals who guarantee the proper functioning of the platform, it also has an online support team that can provide personalized attention (in English and Spanish) for any questions or problems the user may have with an operation that is being performed.

What do you think about this topic? Do you already have your Bitcoin Wallet in Mercury Cash?

If you want to create an account in Mercury Cash you can visit the following link. If you already have an account but have not yet downloaded the mobile application, you can visit the following links: Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store).

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