Currently, Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming platforms have become in high demand globally as they offer video content on various topics, among which is the cryptocurrency sector. While most are movies and series, others are short productions or documentaries. In this article, we will summarize the films, series, or documentaries about Blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto (2015)

Production under the direction of Mike Anzel deals with the creation of the first cryptocurrency, as well as the mystery behind the creator of Bitcoin. In this work, important information is obtained about Satoshi Nakamoto, his whereabouts and identity, who is considered the “father of Bitcoin” and that his true identity remains a mystery to the world. It is a short mini-documentary (barely 8 minutes) in which two journalists try to find out the true identity of Satoshi. This documentary is also available on YouTube.

Explained: Cryptocurrency (2018)

The Explained series has become very popular on Netflix because it explains simply various topics and concepts, chapter 16 of the first season is called “Cryptocurrency” which is about cryptocurrencies. The chapter lasts 14 minutes and explains the main concepts related to cryptocurrencies.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

It is the most popular documentary ever made about Bitcoin, which can be seen on Netflix. There the story of some characters from the early days of the coin is told, and of the different projects that were undertaken to make this technology popular and accessible. The Winklevoss twins, Barry Silvert, Michael Casey, Charlie Shrem, and Nathaniel Poppers, are some of the characters and voices that intervene in the documentary about blockchain technology and how it has evolved to become what it is today. This documentary tells how Bitcoin is an “option outside the regulations” in contrast to the banks and the decisions that caused the financial crisis of 2008.

Crypto (2019)

This feature film directed by Jhon Stalberg Jr. stars Beau Knapp and Jill Hennessy. It is an action genre film, it tells a story that involves the Russian mafia and money laundering with cryptocurrencies. It tells the story of a Wall Street banker who is sent to his hometown, and there he discovers several indications of crimes associated with the use of cryptocurrencies working in a local bank.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble (2018)

Bitcoin: Beyond the bubble, in Spanish, is a special documentary for the enjoyment of connoisseurs of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Far from being tied to the jargon of the industry, this documentary tries to take a journey through the history of money, and especially, it emphasizes the relationship that exists between national currencies and precious metals. The reason for this is that people consider that in the evolution of money (starting from shells to metals, Fiat money, and Digital money), Bitcoin should be the next stage, allowing the exchange of value, and without depending on the trust of third parties.

Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it

This documentary contains relevant information about the cryptocurrency market. In this production, the financial crisis of 2008 achieves relevance and notoriety in the debate on the traditional financial market. Since the appearance of Bitcoin, money is not the same … this statement summarizes this production of 2015, directed by Torsten Hoffmann (which was his first production by the way), it is important to note that this director has also participated in another production called Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Future of the Internet.

Viraali (2017)

It is a film of almost two hours long directed by Thomas Laine, which takes place in Finland, and tells the story of four people who participate in the theft of cryptocurrencies, likewise, the topic of Bitcoin is explored. A highly recommended film for lovers of independent cinema.

Bonus: Anon (2018)

Although we already mentioned our 7 recommendations, we wanted to add this Netflix movie set soon, in which people are a large database, and from there, the authorities and security forces can regulate their behavior, however some stay on the sidelines. The protagonist is a hacker who is on the fringes of that database, and for whom a police officer begins an intense investigation. It’s kind of a Cypherpunk novel, made into a movie with several interesting dramatic twists. Even though Bitcoin is not part of the topics covered, the aesthetics and ideas of privacy that are breathed in the film (and the anonymity of the main character) remind us of Satoshi Nakamoto.

What do you think about this topic? Have you already seen any of these movies? Do you have any other recommendations?

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Image by Joshua Wilson via under creative commons license.

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