The cryptocurrency market is increasingly relevant worldwide, especially in what corresponds to Bitcoin (currently the most popular and highest value cryptocurrency). However, people who are interested in acquiring or using Bitcoins tend to wonder: Where can I buy Bitcoins? Where are the Bitcoins I buy stored? In this article, we will answer these questions and other doubts that arise in this regard.

Where to buy Bitcoin safely?

Currently, there are several sites on the Internet that allow us to buy Bitcoins, they are platforms whose most important guarantee is the number of customers/users they have and their intuitive platform, which seeks to simplify and make the purchase process more user-friendly. The most important requirement is that behind this platform there is a serious company and that it has the corresponding permits or certifications to offer this type of service.

Mercury cash

An example of this type of company is Mercury Cash, which has an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, in which in addition to buying Bitcoins we can also store our cryptocurrencies since it offers the Hosted Wallet service, among other additional functions. Its platform allows making payments and transfers as well as hosting and making currency exchanges in real-time (cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash as well as dollars and euros) in a safe and intuitive way. Mercury Cash has had great growth and acceptance in the Hispanic market because it has a team of highly qualified professionals, has various functions, has military-grade security, allows you to create personal and business accounts in addition to offering support in the Spanish language, among others. You can sign up for Mercury Cash by visiting the following link or downloading its application available for Android or iOS.

Where to store the Bitcoins that I buy?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin do not work exactly like Fiat money (dollar), their custody requires other special mechanisms. Owning cryptocurrencies means that we must have access to the place of the network where they are and have the power to move to another address in that same network. To make this transaction we must have public and private keys. Public keys are similar to the bank account number and we can share them with anyone, while private keys are the passwords that allow us to access our account, as in the case of the bank to access the account where we have our Fiat money.

Mobile wallets are sometimes ideal for storing cryptocurrencies when it comes to small amounts of Bitcoin, although they are sometimes easier to hack, that is why we must choose a website or platform that has the hosted wallet service (digital wallet for cryptocurrencies) that has the support of a qualified technological team, that has high-security standards and that also has all the regulations and permits for the handling of cryptocurrencies, as is the case with Mercury Cash.

What do you think about this topic? Do you already have a Mercury Cash account?

If you want to create an account in Mercury Cash you can register at the following link or download its application available for Android or iOS.

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