Mercury Cash has a function called “bulk or group payments” (batch payments) which allows you to make up to 50,000 simultaneous payments using a .CSV file for various purposes: payroll, bonuses, suppliers, etc. In this article (and video) we will explain how to make a bulk or group payment in Mercury Cash.

How to make a group or bulk payment

First we must log in to our account and then we choose the option “Send” and then we choose “Batch shipping”.

The scalability of Ethereum

After that we will enter the batch shipment module, where we will see a screen like the one that appears at the bottom, in this module we can choose the following options: «add manually» (to add contacts in the batch list) or “Upload .CSV” (to upload a .CSV file that has all the contacts and payment details), it is important to highlight at the bottom we will find a downloadable template to fill these fields in .CSV format.

Mass Payments Webinar

In the following video (webinar in the Spanish language) Marco Pirrongelli (CTO of Mercury Cash) explains step by step how to use this tool, in addition to answering some frequently asked questions:

If you have any questions or queries you can contact us or if you want you can write your question in the bottom part (comments section).

Upcoming trainings

We want to take the opportunity to invite you to our next online training which will deal with the new online payment processor “Mercury Gate”, this training will take place this Thursday, December 3 at 11:45 am (Eastern time in the US) to register at the event (or see the time in your country) you can visit the following link.

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