Dash is a cryptocurrency, created by Evan Duffield, a North American developer, this cryptocurrency appears on the market in 2014, under the name of Xcoin, later it changed its name to Darkcoin, and finally, in 2015 it adopted the name by which it is currently known. Its objective is to improve Bitcoin, in two aspects: anonymity and speed in transactions.

Some projects funded by Dash

In order to boost the economy in some countries, Dash has proposed to finance some projects that manage to exceed the expectations, demands and requirements that Dash imposes on them. Among these requirements are transparency in the management of funds and the disposition of the assigned resources. The crypto ecosystem is not alien to reality and each project is supported by a community that demands concrete answers about the achievements made. In this sense, the Dash Watch treasury has received development proposals from some countries such as Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. Some go smoothly, there are others that present some problems such as the non-dissemination of their records, objectives not achieved, and in some cases, there are diversions of funds, however, the proposal continues to stand and progress. Below are some projects at the Latin American level followed by Dash Watch in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

Venezuela case

There are so far 5 reports, of which only two will be referred to, related to initiatives in this country, according to the Dash Watch audit. Specifically, the Dash Merchant Venezuela project, DMV, the audit highlighted two fronts, the financial one and the progress of its adoption project. Regarding finances, the report indicates inconsistencies about the salaries of its members, they admit that they do not provide real data due to the high level of insecurity that prevails in the country, and they do not want that to be public. And as for the expansion of their project, they intend to reach some 5,000 establishments, such as stores and supermarkets. They obtained a result of 403 votes in favor and 371 against. To receive financing of 295 Dash (20,355 USD) per month, they require 435 votes.

Another project is that of the Dash Venezuela group, this group dedicated to the adoption of this cryptoactive in the country, the audit indicates that the proposal is to bring weekly training to companies, journalists and the community, and carry out public relations activities. The report indicates that the status of the project, the work schedule and its budget are unknown, in addition to that, there is no direct communication with Dash Watch. This initiative was not favored by the community, which achieved 767 positive votes and 532 negative votes, and to have monthly financing of 215 Dash (14,835 USD), 231 more votes are required.

Brazil case

In this case, the audit carried out on the Dash Brasil project for the creation of a YouTube channel, opening of social media accounts, generating content and holding conferences, the result is that it maintains contact with Dash Watch and provides relevant information. The proposal received the go-ahead with funding of 41 Dash per month (2,829 USD), after a community vote that returned 958 votes in favor and 123 against.

Colombia case

The audit was conducted by Dash Watch, on the proposal to enable some 450 establishments to accept Dash. The Dash Colombia group for this purpose carried out a marketing campaign and a business plan to be self-sufficient as an organization in a period of 18 months. The plan received financing of 120 Dash (8,280 USD) per month, after obtaining 873 votes in favor and 39 against. On this initiative, Dash Watch indicates that access to the accounting document and the trading history of Dash Colombia has been obtained, the exchanges, January expenses were reviewed and the total expense for the month in Dash was provided.

There is another project from Colombia, called Dash Cripto Latin Fest 2018, which is on file with Dash Watch. It is a conference held in Bogotá in alliance with groups from Venezuela and Brazil, with the intention of raising awareness about the crypto actives. The action in Colombia of Dash Watch ends, with the initiative of Dash.Red, which is an idea that arose for the promotion of Dash, giving it away in small amounts and in this way creating thousands of small transactions daily.

Other initiatives in Latin America

Initiatives from Argentina and Mexico were also audited by Dash Watch, although they are active proposals that do not receive funding as there is still a lack of additional information and a study process that must be followed before being submitted to a vote by the organization.

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