Mercury Gate is a payment processing system for cryptocurrencies, installed in a physical store or online store. Today we will learn how to receive payments in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dash) on our website using the Mercury Cash payment processor called Mercury Gate.

First of all, we must log in to our Mercury Cash account and go to the upper right side of our control panel and activate the «Mercury Gate» function; it is important to note that if this is the first time we do this, the button will appear with an orange color, after making the request. Approval time will pass (which lasts from 1 to 2 days); once this tool is approved, we can use it directly, and the “Mercury Gate” button will change to a standard color.

After clicking on the Mercury Gate button, we must log in; our credentials will be the same as our Mercury Cash account.

After logging in, we will see our Mercury Gate control panel.

To create a payment button for our website, go to the «payment tools» section, and then choose the option «payment buttons.»

After that, we choose the option “add new button” found on the right side.

Then we can choose the price to pay, the description of the product or service, in addition to selecting the size of the button.

After filling in all the fields and choosing the size of the button, we click on «save or save.»

After that, a code will appear, which we must paste on our website; likewise, we can preview our payment button on the right side.

Online video training on Mercury Gate

In the following video (recording of the latest online training video on Mercury Gate), Marco Pirrongelli (CTO of Mercury Cash) and Amy Hunt (CBO of Mercury Cash) explain in more detail each of the different functions of Mercury Gate, also to answer some frequently asked questions, you can watch the video (Spanish language version) at the link below:

If you still don’t have a Mercury Cash account, you can create one at the following link.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us or write your question below (comments section).

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