For centuries human beings have faced the same problem: the centralization of power. Over the years, politicians have adapted their speeches and justifications to the trends of the moment, but always, in general, with the same pattern: that of the ruling class wanting to accumulate more power.

In the past, it was the monarchies who held absolute control of the powers within an established territory, over time this has been changing, the processes of electing representatives of the public power became more and more democratic, but almost always following the same pattern in which a group establishes the policies to be followed by the common citizens, and all this, in turn, was creating in each time a political class willing to manipulate markets, currencies, and certain attributes of economies with them to procure wealth for themselves.

The 21st century brings us unbeatable conditions to break with that pattern in which a limited group of people imposes economic conditions on the rest of the population; With the emergence of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, citizens will be able to once again have a decentralized free-exchange currency that escapes the regulations and manipulations of governments, and that allows the world’s individuals to freely trade their goods and wealth to exchange products.

The history of humanity is full of examples of countries that have been brought to ruin after the intervention of the economy by irresponsible governments that consider that the state apparatus should monitor every human action; The case of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and further back, Russia, Romania, Poland, China, among other nations that suffered the interference of their governments in the economy, saw how their people little by little began to suffer from hunger and fall into the most extreme poverty, to the point that several of these countries had to abandon these failed policies to return to the principles of the free market and thus generate wealth for their citizens.

At present, the countries with the greatest economic freedoms, which can be found in the ranking produced annually by the Heritage Foundation, are also the most prosperous globally; in that sense, economic freedom is a fundamental principle for achieving human progress. However, in many places, there continue to be governments that consider that the economy should intervene supposedly to “help citizens,” through these interventions, they often set prices, create high export tariffs, taxes, grant subsidies that unbalance the economy. They use all the power of the state to favor the interests of the friends of power generally. With the political world directing its means to promote larger and more powerful States, the way of resisting citizens must be to become agents of change defending the benefits of economic freedom and individualism; Today, fortunately, men and women have technological tools that allow them to trade freely without the bureaucratic obstacles of the States that interfere with human progress.

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