Dash Core Group recently announced a series of updates for the Dash platform; in this article, we will summarize the main improvements to the platform, such as this new version, the improvements that customer support will have, and when will launch this new version.

What is Dash?

Dash is a digital currency based on the idea of Bitcoin but providing other elements of its own, such as masternodes, which is a structure that allows the operation of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) within the Dash ecosystem. Simultaneously, it has the sending of PrivateSend and InstanSend transactions, options that give users the ability to send payments privately and instantly. Regarding PrivateSend, it is one of the most radical differences that the cryptocurrency arose; for this purpose, it was based on the CoinJoin project, a currency that sought to provide the greatest possible privacy users concerning transactions within the blockchain.

Dash announces its updates

Dash Core Group recently announced that it would carry out an update to the Dash platform. It would move from development work on version v0.17 of its platform to the tesnet phase (an almost identical copy of the blockchain that aims to test changes in the risk-free cryptocurrency protocol). Dash reported that the tesnet environment is superior (five times larger) than Evonet, also owned by Dash Core Group. According to the director of this group, this is the largest implementation of the Dash platform. Therefore, this version marks the most important milestone in realizing Dash’s long-term vision for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Regarding the protocol updates in the v0.17 update, Dash revealed that it has fixed an infinite credit minting vulnerability. This version also includes some features that improve customer support. With version v0.17 (now tesnet), Dash states that the release of v0.18 will be the next step on the agenda, which is scheduled for mid-February, which will include protocol improvements for thin clients (computer or client-server networking software that relies on the central server to perform processing tasks), as well as enhanced functionality for iOS and Android applications within the Dash platform.

Launch of the DashPay wallet

Dash announced the launch of DashPay to the public phase, which consists of a social wallet for “crypto payments” with human-readable addresses, via the “name services layer” of the Dash platform. It is important to note that some crypto-related companies offer human-readable names for transactions within the closed wallet ecosystem. In this sense, Dash has previously stated that its service is typical of its blockchain network. Other features also include contact lists and avatars that, according to the company, would improve the payment experience. The public launch of the social payment wallet is expected to be in late 2021.

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