We have previously talked about the charities and projects that Dash finances through DAOs and its foundation, but Ethereum is not far behind. Through a program called local grants, the Ethereum foundation made a call to sponsor projects that have to do with education, technical developments, and scientific research; these grants are part of its Ecosystem Support Program, which is a branch of this foundation, which is dedicated to promoting the development of local initiatives.

Funding background

The Ethereum Foundation has subsidized several projects in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. It intends to do so in Latin America (for example, 8 projects in Honduras and 5 projects in Colombia. These projects are initiatives in education, research, and projects focused on the development of technical projects. It is important to note that it has not been mentioned in a public and official way. What are the amounts allocated in said financing? It has only been reported that, depending on the evaluation of each case, the corresponding aid will be granted.

Projects benefited in Colombia

Among the beneficiaries in Colombia, a project called Discovering Blockchain stands out in education, which consists of a series of free virtual talks focused on publicizing the ecosystem and Blockchain technology; the beneficiary invites experts to give talks and respond to the concerns of the attendees. Also, in the educational area, another project called Nethereum was selected, which consists of a platform with content in Spanish, especially for developers of the Ethereum Blockchain.

The rest of the Colombian projects are from the research area; for example, the company TRU is mentioned. The cyan works on mapping opportunities and challenges that arise in the country concerning the issuance of university diplomas Ethereum network. The remaining initiatives that will receive support aim to provide assistance to the government and other social organizations that make the ecosystem known; one of these initiatives will do a study on the use of cryptocurrencies in the country, while the other will explore the Emissions trading system based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Projects benefited in Honduras

Among the beneficiaries in Honduras, a project on the market for handicrafts validated in the Ethereum blockchain stands out, the idea is that through a platform, Honduran artisans can place their products within reach of the whole world and that these handicrafts have a certificate of authenticity that supports them (the certificate will be based on blockchain). Another project is from the Shy Panda company that works on a decentralized application so that animal protection organizations can receive donations based on Ethereum.

Another company called Balloted develops a voting platform that allows auditable elections to be made through smart contracts. A category called tool infrastructure benefited the project called Stable Play, which works on an SDK development kit, which breaks down the complex integrations with layer 2 protocols (intermediary protocols between a network layer and a physical layer), through a library that works similar to the web, so that users can easily use it.

Another beneficiary project called Rodimiro Cerrato (which is in the infrastructure tools category) presented the idea of ​​developing a kit that allows testing and simulations for developers to quickly configure jobs in a confined environment, with the required services in advance configured.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know of any other project funded by the Ethereum Foundation in Latin America?

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