More people are buying and selling real estate in cryptocurrencies, more specifically bitcoin. Our Mercury Gate system offers all our clients the option of issuing digital invoices in bitcoin to carry out high-value economic operations.

Private buyers and sellers can use the Mercury Gate system and real estate companies, and even title houses because our operations comply with the law and are completely transparent and secure.

The issuance of the Mercury Gate digital invoice will be sent automatically to the buyer. It will open a channel to receive cryptocurrencies through our payment platform, which will allow the sale of real estate to be completed quickly, effectively, and in compliance with all security protocols.

Mercury Gate software allows transactions to be executed from any corner of the planet, issuing the invoice and using our technology to transfer value in a matter of seconds, regardless of the physical distance between the parties.

Mercury Cash, a leap into the future of decentralized banking.

If you want more information about Mercury Gate, you can visit the following link. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us or write your question below (comments section).

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