Mercury Gate is a Mercury Cash service that aims to help different individuals, freelancers, companies, businesses, and organizations receive payments in cryptocurrencies, either in a physical store or online.

What cryptocurrencies does Mercury Gate work with?

Mercury Gate allows you to receive payments in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash, in addition to fiat money (FIAT) such as dollars and euros. Mercury Gate allows us to change our payments in the currency of our preference to better protect or manage our assets or income.

Mercury Gate Features and Functions

Among the main functions and features of the Mercury Gate are the following:

Digital billing services, through Mercury Gate electronic billing, we will generate invoices for our clients, who will access the different forms of payment of our products or services in cryptocurrencies with a single click.

Payment buttons, Mercury Gate, allows you to create cryptocurrency payment buttons for your website, to market different products, services, campaigns, or receive donations.

Points of sale, Mercury Gate allows us to use a point of sale terminal (POS), or if we wish, we can use our Android or iOS device to start process our payments.

Fast payments, Mercury Gate, allows you to generate an invoice in seconds and collect your money online with the quick purchase system. Unlike other payment processors conventional, which take days to deposit the money from your sales into your bank account, Mercury Gate supports its own financial institution (Mercury Cash) to have instant credits in the business wallet for all sales received daily.

Technology integration resources, Mercury Gate, allow us to create API keys to integrate different online e-commerce tools such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and WHMCS.

Push notifications in real-time; with Mercury Gate, we can find out when our business makes a sale in real-time when receiving a push notification in our application Mercury Cash.

Mercury Gate Online Training

In the following video (recording) of the latest online training on Mercury Gate, Marco Pirrongelli (Mercury Cash CTO) and Amy Hunt (Mercury Cash CBO) explain further detailed each of the different functions that Mercury Gate has, in addition to responding some frequently asked questions about its platform, you can see the video (Spanish language) in the following link:

What do you think about Mercury Gate? Have you already set up your Mercury Gate payment button on your website to receive payments in cryptocurrencies?

If you want more information about Mercury Gate you can visit the following link.

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