Currently, we see that the cryptocurrency market is increasingly relevant in the world of finance worldwide. As a result of the rise of Bitcoin, people are more interested in acquiring this cryptocurrency, either thinking in the long term, saving, buying, or selling; However, many people ask themselves the following questions: Where can Bitcoin be bought or sold? And Where to store my cryptocurrencies after buying them? In this post, we will answer these frequently asked questions.

How to buy cryptocurrencies safely?

On the Internet, various websites tell us where to buy cryptocurrencies; they are platforms whose greatest guarantee is the number of users/clients they have and their intuitive platform, with which we seek to simplify and make this purchase process more user-friendly; unfortunately, not All the websites that offer cryptocurrencies have the required permissions or have basic security standards, for which, the most important thing is to make sure that the company has the corresponding licenses and that behind said platform there is a serious and responsible company, with all the permits or certifications by the corresponding authorities to offer these services, besides offering high-security standards, an obvious example of this is Mercury Cash, who offers the purchase/sale and wallet service for Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Dash.

Where are my cryptocurrencies stored?

Cryptocurrencies do not work the same as Fiat money; to save them, you need other mechanisms, for example, wallets; saving digital money leads us to think about having access to the network and having those resources and sending them to another address; in cryptocurrencies, to carry out these transactions, we must have public and private keys, both keys allow us to access our account, as happens in a bank to mobilize Fiat money.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a kind of “bridge” that allows us to efficiently manage our cryptocurrencies. It is an online tool with which you can perform different financial operations, such as receiving or sending cryptocurrencies through the blockchain network; in a wallet, there is a “data collection” of addresses and passwords that are used to unlock and transfer funds.

Mercury cash

Mercury Cash is a company that provides the hosted wallet service for cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash) in addition to FIAT money (dollars and euros); its main objective is to provide access to finance (centralized and decentralized) in one place. Mercury Cash is a serious and recognized business, which has an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

The Mercury Cash platform allows us to host our cryptocurrencies and make secure payments/transfers of our cryptocurrencies in real-time and in a fast and intuitive way; Mercury Cash’s growth in the Hispanic market is due to its military-grade security, its team of highly qualified professionals, and a 24/7 online support system to provide effective and personalized advice, both in English and Spanish language.

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