IntoTheBlock is a company led by crypto experts and AI geeks that built cutting-edge technology to deliver actionable intelligence for the crypto market and its users.

From today, we are pleased to announce that a new section is available for all our users that offer a set of analytics provided by our partner IntoTheBlock, as always. We start with Bitcoin offering a dashboard divided into two sections: The Token Summary displays a quick view of a crypto asset providing valuable indicators based on blockchain, social, price, and other data provided by machine learning models applied. The Signals section contains momentum data based on IntoTheBlock’s underlying indicators.

Users interested in analyzing more can click into the “Dive Deeper” buttons, and the IntoTheBlock platform will open, where you will have access to a portfolio that includes over 120 signals of the traditional crypto assets, DeFi, and event price-prediction models.

At Mercury Cash, we are proud of our partners and how together we provide inclusion and intelligent data to be used to benefit our users and the community.

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