Currently, Mercury Cash is the most advanced crypto banking on the market; while most exchanges have dedicated themselves to building a platform that allows the exchange, in addition to the purchase and sale of countless cryptocurrencies; Mercury Cash has dedicated itself to building a platform solid and secure that allows the transition from the fiat money based monetary system to the decentralized economy based on the blockchain.

Over the past several years, our company has dedicated itself to forging the technology that allows complete integration of old financial models with new crypto technology to ultimately advance towards a completely decentralized, secure, and transparent model.

For these reasons, Mercury Cash has limited itself to exclusively offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash, cryptocurrencies with a history in the market and that offer our clients the security that their money is safe; recently, with the Bitcoin legislation in El Salvador, the Central American nation will change its financial system to expand the use of Bitcoin.

However, the absolute migration of millions of people to the blockchain is not easy; many exchanges do not have the necessary payment gateways and the technology to move money from the old financial system to the new; something that we have created in Mercury Cash to take part in this transformation and act as a bridge between traditional banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Currently, at Mercury Cash, we also have different products and tools that can allow millions of people, both in El Salvador and anywhere in the world, not only to join the decentralized economy but also to use various tools to move your money more simply and cheaply.

The Mercury Cash digital wallet, for example, allows users to freely buy, sell and exchange fiat money (dollars and euros) and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin; In this sense, under the new legislation of El Salvador that establishes the acceptance of Bitcoin in shops, with our company users will be able to receive and immediately change cryptocurrencies to fiat money, and vice versa, if they wish to do so.

Another tool that the inhabitants of El Salvador have is Mercury Gate, which is a point of sale that can be installed in digital or physical stores to charge for their services or products in cryptocurrencies.

Mercury Gate allows users to process cryptocurrency transactions from anywhere in the world, and in a matter of seconds, in that sense, it is capable of giving Salvadorans access to a market of more than a trillion dollars and, in turn, reaching new customers to which offer their services and products without geographic limitation.

For example, a web designer in El Salvador could offer his services to a company in the United States and receive payment immediately through the blockchain. And the same applies to stores, factories, retail businesses, and all fields of the economy.

Mercury Cash users also have the possibility of making payments in batches and granting different degrees of access to employees or accountants of a company in business accounts, intending to execute business administration in the most transparent way possible; All of this will encourage and allow a successful migration of a large majority of the population to the new decentralized financial services that we offer.

At Mercury Cash, we want to make our technology available to Salvadorans who want to join the decentralized economy and discover the new opportunities it will offer them in the future. If you want more information about our products, do not hesitate to consult our website.

Mercury Cash, a leap into the future of decentralized banking.

If you want to know more about Mercury Cash, you can contact us or write your query below (comments section).

Image by Karolina Grabowska via under a Creative Commons license.

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