El Salvador has been a pioneer in legislating for bitcoin to become legal tender. This news can be confusing for its inhabitants, who surely have little knowledge about cryptocurrencies, but this could be one of the biggest incentives in the long term for the generation of wealth in the country.

In El Salvador, surveys conducted by the Central Bank indicate that approximately 70% of the population does not have access to the traditional financial system; this generates a series of problems that hinder the reproduction of wealth: informality, lack of access to credit, shortage of elements to receive foreign capital, inability to sell products abroad, among others.

A healthy economic environment requires five elements that must integrate for the emergence of societies:

1.- Needs, goods, and services.

2.- Economic activities: production, distribution, consumption.

3.- Economic factors: land, work, capital, organization.

4.- Economic agents: families, companies, and governments.

5.- Economic sectors: primary / agricultural sector, secondary / industrial sector; tertiary sector / services.

For societies to develop, it is necessary to create an ecosystem in which all these points can be interrelated, for this a system that facilitates trade with each other is essential, and it is at this point where blockchain technology and the services provided by Mercury Cash, can play an important role in serving the economy of El Salvador.

Currently, Mercury Cash is the most advanced crypto banking platform on the market, for years the company has been building a technological system that allows the integration of the old financial system with the new decentralized system, this allows and enables payment platforms between traditional banks and cryptocurrency exchanges; in addition to offering and providing different tools to our users to practice free, safe and borderless trade.

To make this a reality, Mercury Cash has had the following tools:

1.- Digital wallets for fiat money and cryptocurrencies to facilitate the transition.

2.- Processing of payments with physical and online points and reduction of the processing fee.

3.- Freedom to be able to use your money on the blockchain.

4.- Financing products.

5.- Establishment and popularization of a new instrument for the transmission of value with digital backing.

With the financial instruments of Mercury Cash, citizens in El Salvador will be able to offer their services and products to people anywhere in the world, a farmer will be able to offer his harvest abroad, an artist will be able to sell his paintings to clients anywhere in the world, or even Salvadorans abroad will be able to send remittances to their families more quickly, safely and easily without any limitation.

Enabling bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador will open the door to new investors who will be attracted to generating wealth in a nation that is a pioneer in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The first to join this new financial ecosystem will benefit from the new opportunities.

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