Mercury Gate is a Mercury Cash payment processor, which allows different businesses, companies, independent professionals, and freelancers to offer their products or services by accepting cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash) as a means of payment.

Benefits of having Mercury Gate

Mercury Gate offers multiple benefits; here is a summary of the main ones:

More sales and more convenience for customers

As a result of the popularity of Bitcoin and the new trends regarding its use in some countries (for example, El Salvador), the use of cryptocurrencies has increased considerably, especially in recent years. By offering more payment alternatives (in this case, accepting cryptocurrencies), companies, businesses, and independent professionals can make more sales and offer greater comfort to the customer, especially when making a payment or making a purchase.

It can be used for physical and online sales

Mercury Gate can be used through a physical point of sale and can also be used only online, which gives versatility to the business or company that uses it since the tool can be used for both physical businesses and online businesses.

Low fees

Another highlight is the low commissions that Mercury Gate charges per transaction, which tend to be cheaper than the average market; for more information about Mercury Gate fees, you can visit the following link.

Mercury Cash platform support

Mercury Gate is backed by Mercury Cash, which means that users will have access to high-security standards, platform support, customer service in Spanish, among others.

Mercury Cash Users

Mercury Gate is available to users with an active Mercury Cash account (either personal or business). We can access the platform with the same credentials as Mercury Cash. If you have Mercury Gate activated, you simply have to go to the main menu button of your Mercury Cash account, which says “switch to Mercury Gate,” this button is on the upper right side of the main menu. If not having it activated, simply click on the said button (in that case, the phrase “activate Mercury Gate” will appear), and in 24 to 48 hours, the activation will proceed.

Mercury Gate Options and Tools

Among the main options and tools available to Mercury Gate are the following:

  • Point of sale: It allows you to use a point of sale for a physical business to process payments in cryptocurrencies (it also allows you to use an Android or iOS mobile device).
  • Payment buttons: This tool allows you to receive payments in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash) on a website through a payment button. The payment button is used to make a very specific type of payment, for example a service, a donation, a ticket, a ticket to a show, etc.
  • Quick check: It works to make payments in a face-to-face business (for example restaurants, cafeterias, kiosks, etc.) through instant payments. It also works with the QR code, facilitating the transaction, since the amount to be canceled is indicated through the QR code and there is no need to enter any amount.
  • Billing by email or email billing: It is a very easy way to send invoices to clients and to receive payments in the cryptocurrencies used by Mercury Cash (Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash) or in any other type of currency. When the invoice arrives, the user is also told that they can make the payment online through a button. Another important option is the possibility of activating and deactivating wallets.
  • Technological integration resources: Mercury Gate allows us to create API keys for the integration of different online e-commerce tools such as Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, WHMCS among others.

For more information about Mercury Gate, you can visit the following link.

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