Blockchain technology is being applied in various areas and markets, one of these prominent sectors in video games. This technology has incorporated different functions and improvements related to security, management, commerce, interaction, and playability. One of the most exciting aspects for many users is the possibility of generating income by playing (Play to Earn).

The NFTs (Non-fungible tokens)

NFTs became very popular after some video game artists and developers began to generate considerable income with these digital tokens. Unlike cryptocurrencies, these non-fungible currencies have value according to their popularity, which means that if the video game or item is in high demand and short supply, it will cause its value to increase relative to other digital tokens. Here we share some popular video games based on blockchain or NFT technology:

Axie Infinity

This title is one of the most popular today regarding NFT. This video game has similar mechanics to Nintendo’s Pokémon series, with a turn-based combat system and the ability to “farm” to get improvements or new skills. Each Axie (creature or pet) is unique and unrepeatable; A prominent item in this game is the SLP (Smooth Love Potion) which provides unique properties to Axies; another outstanding feature is that Axies can “breed” and have young (the maximum number is seven). The video game allows you to sell or market the Axies with their respective improvements.

Lost relics

This RPG video game has a gameplay similar to the Blizzard title “Diablo”; in which we can collect resources, complete missions, kill monsters and go through dungeons, with which we can obtain prizes and loot consisting of NFTs and various unique objectives (items, weapons, cosmetics, and pets) which can be traded. It is important to note that this video game is made with the ENJIN platform, which means that by achieving a single objective, it can be used in another video game developed by the same platform.

Town star

It is a city-building title, where the goal is to develop a city and have the best economy in the area. The video game allows us to market different elements each time we win; they give us a series of points, which will place us on a global scale. Players are rewarded for items sold and points earned.

So rare

It is a collectible card game for soccer lovers; this NFT game offers the so-called “rare cards” that represent real soccer players from different countries; with these elements, players can form their virtual soccer team, once created the team, you can compete against other players from different active leagues, each card (soccer player) can “gain experience” and become more relevant over time. It is important to note that this video game has the official license of several football clubs.


This video game is based on the exchange of digital cards; it has some similar mechanics to Blizzard’s Hearthstone video game, but with the significant difference that the fighting is not turn-based but immediate. The video game allows you to build your deck of cards and fight against other opponents. Players can view their stats and acquired abilities and have the ability to buy, sell, and trade their cards with other users.

What do you think about this topic? Have you already played any of these video games?

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Image from Dcstudio via under creative commons license.

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